Unified Security Platform

unified security platform

Genetec Security Center is the leading security platform that seamlessly unifies security systems to help protect your organization

Built to Evolve

Security Center is the logical investment that enables customers to adapt to the evolving demands of security departments, allowing them to grow the system and add new capabilities over time.

Unify Your Security Operations

Consistent workflows and rapid access to all security systems through a unified interface ensure operators have access to information that is critical to improve decision making.

Experience Enterprise-Class Reliability

Security Center’s architecture and features have been developed to ensure that security systems are available at all times, and that information is always protected.

A Single Platform That Evolves with You

Security Center is a unified platform that blends IP video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition systems within one intuitive solution. Simplify your operations, achieve greater situational awareness, and take advantage of a highly flexible platform that evolves with your organization.

With the ability to unify third-party security and business systems with Security Center, you can seamlessly control all operations, while providing users with the power to rapidly respond to emerging situations.

A unified system not only provides greater control, it can also help you avoid the pitfalls of traditional security systems, such as limited connectivity between various applications, compatibility issues, and complicated and costly maintenance.



When you have people and critical assets to protect, rely on a security platform that provides continuous access and tolerates hardware failures without any system interruption. With built-in high availability and a dedicated health monitoring engine, Security Center provides the most advanced possibilities for uninterrupted system access, system uptime and data protection.


Security Center is the leading enterprise-class security platform deployed in some of the world’s most demanding installations. Organizations, governments, and cities rely on the advanced architecture of Security Center to grow their system to tens of thousands of cameras, doors, servers, and client workstations. The platform’s inherent scalability offers peace of mind to organizations with the assurance that their security system will keep pace with future growth.


Security Center mobile apps and web client allow security personnel to access and control system capabilities directly from their mobile phones or tablets. Whether working on routine tasks or responding to a critical situation, operators can view real-time or recorded video, control PTZ cameras, acknowledge alarms, respond to access control alerts, and unlock doors, from anywhere.

See the Big Picture

Move away from independent systems and take advantage of a unified view of all your security information.

Security Center allows operators to become more efficient, make better decisions, and respond to incidents more rapidly by providing them with a complete picture of their security environment.

Centralized Surveillance & Monitoring

Monitor real-time information across all your security applications, from both local and remote sites, within a single interface.

Interactive Maps

Efficiently manage all your sites through interactive maps that offer a dynamic view of security devices, alarms, and statuses.

Consolidated Reporting

Streamline your investigations with unified reports that run across all your systems and sites to quickly find and solve key incidents.