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About Us

We are solution providers.

About Us

We are solution providers.

we listen,
we develop,
we deliver

Through our years-long experience and our global network, we deliver integrated retail and security solutions.

Moreover, we are state-of-the art hardware providers, representatives of the most trustworthy suppliers, with the best customer care services.

Our solutions stand out, because we provide custom-built software, total support services and added-value solutions through future expansion and system integration.

Our Story

In August 2008 we established Data Noesis with the aim to create a software house. We were a team of three people motivated by our passion to fulfill our goal: to provide customer-centric retail solutions.

It was a demanding project that required lots of hard work, patience and persistence. We constantly tried to find solutions and to overcome the obstacles we faced, but that became one of the main factors of our success. Through this experience we broadened our horizons and we started occupying with hardware and security solutions.

We made our first steps with network cameras, customer counting systems and network storage devices, as well as with Retail Pro, which we have represented in the Balkan countries.

Being always devoted to our goal and respecting our clients, we followed a market oriented approach in order to lead our customers to their digital transformation journey. At the same time, we welcomed new partners and experienced members into our team.

By paying attention to our customers’ needs and vision and by constantly gaining experience and improving ourselves, we started creating integrated, all-in-one solutions that have enabled our customers to stay ahead of the changing market place.

Today our satisfied customers and partners are the most dynamic confirmation of our success. we have established a highly respected reputation and we have delivered innovative, personalized, customer- centric, intelligent business projects in 14 countries.

Our Philosophy

“In Data Noesis we want to build a strong relationship with our customers and that’s why we deliver our projects on time and on budget. Actually, that is the trait that distinguishes us: we deliver. We follow a specific, well-organized process in order to provide our customers with the best result: we listen to their needs, we make research and we carefully design, create and deliver the solution. Moreover, we are trustworthy and loyal to our promises as well as to our co-operations. We provide excellent customer service because our main priority is our customers.”

Spiros Latis
Founder and Managing Director

“Based on our products and services, we meet our clients’ needs in order to offer them the best -customized to their desires- result. It’s of high importance for our customers that they can find a solution and simultaneously communicate with the same people they trust, no matter the problem they face. Thanks to the strong relationship we have built with them, a feeling of trust has been developed, whether we provide them with solutions or hardware equipment. They understand that we see them as our partners and not as our customers.”

Rezi Lati
Co-founder & Business Development Manager

“We offer solutions, but what makes us unique is the fact that we design, create and deliver a unified system, customized to each customer’s needs. With full time support and customer service, our clients know that they will have our constant guidance. We have created a relationship based on trust and loyalty.”

Panos Konstantakopoulos
Co-Founder and Head Of Engineering Team