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Retail in a box

An all in one solution.

At Data Noesis we see all our products as bits and pieces to create solutions in order to cover your business needs.

Retail in a box is the ultimate in-store solution to create an intelligent interactive store. Services and products are combined in a unique way: You can gain the maximum information with the minimum user effort. It is the complete solution for the stores of tomorrow.

To start with, every point of the customers’ journey is a point of interest and a source of valuable data. Why guess when you can know for sure?

With the facility of digital signage, as well as with those of demographics, dwell time, heat mappeople counting and loyalty platform, we offer the best customer experience.

All these facilities can be combined with the best electronic store you could ever ask for. From wireframes to on-page optimization, we can deliver the online store you need and offer you a solution that will grow with your business.

What is more, we can unify your digital and store experiences with the fully customizable, customer-centric and scalable Retail Pro, the trusted leader in retail management. It delivers solutions to take your retail business to the next level. 

Especially in combination with our security systems, you will have the complete control of your business without worries and problems. Loss prevention has never been so easy!


Retail Pro

This Retail management system helps you capitalize on modern retail opportunities...



We create powerful digital experiences that connect brands with customers...


Customer Loyalty

The absolute solution to run promotions, keep loyal customers engaged and attract new ones...


Digital Signage

Digital signage isn’t just a specialized screen that displays video or multimedia content in public...


People Counting

Go digital with a fully automated people counting system in compliance with government regulations on COVID19...


Loss Prevention

A solution especially designed to meet your needs. A unified platform that integrates all the security systems...


Physical Security Systems

Safety has always been a priority and in many cases is critical for the business. By deploying a unified solution...