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Digital signage

More than just a big screen - More than just an impression

Digital signage

More than just a big screen – More than just an impression

Move your business into the digital signage realm. It’s never been so easy to optimize the in-store experience for customers.

Digital signage isn’t just a specialized screen that displays video or multimedia content in public. It’s the optimum solution to share the right information at the right place at the right time.


Why choose Digital Signage?

  • It is proven to boost sales
  • It allows you to interact with your customers and learn more about them (data driven marketing)
  • You can quickly test and iterate your marketing tactics – you can change adds at the touch of a button in order to find the most appealing one to your customers
  • It boosts traffic by drawing in window shoppers
  • It increases opportunities for cross-sells, up-sells and impulse-buys by quickly adapting and deploying engaging content when and where it matters most
  • It uses the power of video to capture your customers’ attention – it delivers an eye-catching message to people inside your store.
  • You can include social media content, RSS feeds, weather updates and streaming videos about products and services that can help drive brand awareness.
  • In the long-run digital signage is cheaper to maintain than traditional signage solutions
  • It is environment-friendly: reduces the litter caused by brochures and posters
of customers note that digital signage would make them more likely to buy advertised products.
of customers stated it would influence them to buy the advertised product instead of the one they had planned to buy initially
of a shopper’s purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale - the combination of powerful text, images and videos strongly influence purchasing decisions.
increase of purchase amount and dwell time in a store