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At Data.Noesis we see all our products as bits and pieces that help us build a solutions toward full filing business needs. The solutions we deliver are integrated together in such a way so that information is shared between products and user effort is minimized.


Retail solutions

The expertise and experience, the dedication and enthusiasm of our working team combined with high quality products, ensures that the retail solutions we provide at any time can offer support and development of high level. Experienced Consultants will work with you to deal with every need of your business. Whether you are aware of very targeted and accurate specifications, or just a general idea of the functionality you want. We will cooperate with you to make sure that you get what you need now or in the near future.

We will support the proposed solution from project Specifications, planning, installing, and training to making sure its smooth operation in your organization with technical support and constant monitoring.


Retail Pro

Retail Pro’s suite of retail software products is ideally suited for specialty retailers. Discover what capabilities make us a great fit for the many vertical markets we serve.


Store Analytics

Measure conversion and understand long-term trends from dwell to footpaths to product lift using the cameras you already have in a powerful visualizations dashboard.


Omnichannel Marketing

Data.Noesis’ Marketing solution enables collaboration on design and refine customer’s experience across multi channels with embedded analytics that infuse insight every step of the way.


Visitor Counting

The visitor counting systems are an essential tool for making effective strategic decisions. The most important is that these systems unlike traditional methods, they provide direct measurable results.


Customer Loyalty

A flexible solution that encourages your customers to continue shopping, giving them different ways to carry out their rewards initiatives.

Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention

Retailers can improve the investigation of suspicious register transactions. Provides greater security oversight and control with intuitive monitoring.