Every point of the customers’ journey is a point of interest and a source of valuable data. Why guess when you can know for sure?

Datanoesis offers an all in-one solution for the retail store of the future.


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Highest Accuracy

Reliable counting and tracking in challenging conditions.

Privacy & Security

Data protection through stereoscopic image output.

Group Counting

AI firmware has been trained to visually distinguish if people walk together and form a group.

Staff Exclusion

Sensors clearly identify employees and exclude them from the counts.

Spider solution for Data Gaining

Large area multisensor powered by A.I. enabled sensors for data gaining.

Powerful Data Reporting

Data visualization and customizable reports which suit your needs.

New A.I. powered generation of sensors

  • Based on Deep Learning, the new A.I. Powered 3D sensors take people detection to an unprecedented level.
  • Mimicking person recognition as performed by humans, A.I. boosts accuracy of data and tracks
  • Understand even better customer behavior throughout the complete customer journey
  • Widely exclude false positives.

State-of-the-art 3D Sensor for people counting and instore analytics

  • Plug & Play installation and configuration (Wizard)
  • Reliable counting, accuracy up to 99%
  • Unique multi-sensor array capabilities (seamless stitching) for wide area coverage
  • API and Data Push for easy system integration
  • Ensures Data Privacy & Security
  • Minimal maintenance, robust operation: No need of recalibration
  • Data storage up to 4 months

Benefit after the Covid-19 era

Enhance Customer Experience

Is compliance with government regulations on Covid-19 and the safety of your staff and customers one of your top priorities?

Let your customers know when it’s safe to enter your store – and show them your latest offers at the same time!

An advance turnkey solution for real-time traffic counting for store occupancy limits monitoring, using state of the art sensor technology and customized software platform.

Samsung’s Smart window displays are sure to catch customer’s eye and draw them in with life-like promotional images & videos of your business even in direct sunlight.