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retail pro Leverage Mobile


Leverage Mobile

Create better experiences and
more decent checkout from any
location in your stores with
full-functionality across desktop
or mobile devices.

Retail pro Manage Experiences


Manage Experiences

Design loyalty or rewards
programs, save customer histories
& preferences and more with
advanced customer management.

retail pro Get Future-Proof


Get Future-Proof

Ensure success with ongoing
software updates & upgrades,
unmatched learning resources,
and award-winning support.


Tailor Your System
To Fit Your Needs

Customize your workows or User
Interface to t your specic needs.


Be Borderless

Multi-national. Multi-tax. Multilanguage.
Multi-currency. With
Retail Pro, borders are no longer
barriers to your growth


Scale Without Limits

Retail Pro® adapts to any business
structure to accommodate all
models from boutiques and chain
stores to franchises.


Actionable Data

Share, modify, backup & protect
your critical data in real-time &
minimize the lag between effective
decision making and execution.



Ensure seamless delivery across
channels and consistent reporting
when integrating your
physical and online stores.



Retail Pro®’s architecture allows
for flexible deployment options,
faster performance, scalability
and ultimate extensibility.

Retail Pro® Has Been a Trusted Leader in Retail Management In
100+ Countries for Over 25 Years.

Enterprise-Level Functionality

A True International Solution

Professional Services & Support

Fully Customizable

Extensible and Integrable

Unrivaled E-learning Tools

reatil pro data structure
point of sale solutions


  • Deploy on any platform from traditional POS to kiosks, online or mobile
  • Deliver unparalleled customer experience
  • Take your business anywhere on the globe
  • Expand, franchise, brand license, run outlets… your choice

Key Features

  • Embedded Oracle 11g database, included free of charge
  • Adjustable parameters for printouts and on screen viewing
  • Easily interfaces & connects with CRM, ERP and B.I.
  • Tablet and smartphone capable
  • Over 180+ reports available to users


Retail pro - Retail Operations

Retail Operations

Orders, Inventory Management and Sales Reports are some of the key functionalities of Retail Pro.

Retail pro - Store back Office

Store back Office

Price and promotion management, stock transfers, orders, receiving, physical inventory, adjustments, reporting.

Retail Pro - Network Integration

Network Integration

Consolidate your retail network across multiple subsidiaries, countries, etc.

Retail Pro - Financial Management

Financial Management

Operate in a multi tax, mutlti- currency environment, adapting to your brand’s needs when managing taxes & mitigating fiscal challenges at a local level.

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