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Radar surveillance is dependable and economical in securing wide areas, which includes areas inside and sometimes outside the perimeter. Over the last years, sensors and software have become reliable and powerful. Radar Surveillance Systems provide a reliable, low cost and low risk approach to securing your wide area.

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Radar Surveillance Features

A radar has a 360 degree field of view and very long range, and it allows you to “see” much more area with less equipment. A radar surveillance system tells you when someone is approaching, when they are at the fence, and when they are inside. Once inside, the system will continue to follow the intruder with cameras, and display their location on the map.

Once a high priority threat has been detected, the software assigns a camera to follow it. The images allow the operators to assess the threat, and can be recorded for later analysis. Cameras are available in various ranges to match the radars they are deployed with, and use various technologies such as low light, thermal, IR, and laser illuminated. Other actions the system can respond with are to generate and alarm, send a text message, open or close a gate, control lights, or even fire a wildlife mitigation device.

  • Effective over land and water.
  • Operates in all weather and light conditions.
  • Delivers meter by meter surveillance of entire site.
  • Automatic detection and tracking.
  • High level of situation awareness.
  • Target classification: detects people, vehicles.