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More than just a big screen

One might think that Digital Signage is all about using big screens to display videos or advertisements in the background, but Digital Signage is so much more than just big screens. Digital signage can help you tell your brand’s story, educate your customer, boost traffic by drawing in window shoppers, boost sales and create an immersive consumer experience. Increasing opportunities for cross-sells, up-sells and impulse-buys by quickly adapting and deploying engaging content when and where it matters most. Now you can share, the right information, at the right place, at the right time.

More than just an impression

Advanced digital signage hardware and software solutions provide almost unlimited new options for your store displays and it can make a real difference for customers. In fact, 68% of customers note that digital signage would make them more likely to buy advertised products. An impressive 44% even stated it would influence them to buy the advertised product, instead of a product they had planned to purchase. Reports say that the combination of powerful text, images and videos strongly influence purchasing decisions, since 60% of a shopper’s purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale.



Although there’s an upfront cost with digital screens, in the long-run, digital signage is cheaper to maintain than traditional signage solutions like brochures, menu boards, and posters which include costs for printing, logistics and set-up throughout the year. By saving on time as well as printing and material costs you can focus on producing high-quality content and graphics that will capture your customer’s attention.



Digital signage makes content updates easier and faster than ever – it only takes a mouse click to switch from one schedule - or one promotion - to another. Digital connectivity means that you can include social media content, RSS feeds, weather updates and streaming videos about products and services that can help drive brand awareness and create a new avenue of customer engagement and feedback strategies.



Digital signage lets you leverage the hypnotizing power of video to capture your customers’ attention. Even simple animations like pause and zoom effects on still artwork provide a more engaging viewer experience than still images. Unlike Internet ads, television commercials, or point of purchase posters that people are used to ignore, digital signage delivers an eye-catching, relevant message to those inside your store.