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Customer Loyalty

Personalized marketing meets data

Customer Loyalty

Personalized marketing meets data

Customer Loyalty is the absolute solution to run promotions, keep loyal customers engaged and attract new ones.

  • Mobilize and activate your loyal customers to recruit new ones (word-of-mouth marketing is more effective at driving new customers than branded content and advertising)
  • Cut back on advertising spending – loyalty program members are easy to reach on a regular basis and are more likely to respond positively to a new campaign
  • Boost brand awareness and differentiate your brand from the competition
  • Get more visitors into your store during off-peak times.
  • Measure your campaigns success

We offer a highly flexible loyalty platform that allows you to tailor your program to the precise needs of your business and customers

  • Get insight into customers’ purchases with BI & intuitive reports that will help you make educated decisions when planning for the future
  • Know your customers’ preferences and predict future buying behavior
  • Monitor customers’ transactions and campaign interactions
  • Identify dormant customers and re-engage them to boost sales
  • Launch personalized campaigns based on customers’ preferences and data
  • On-demand loyalty offers (birthdays, public holidays, season sales, etc.) can boost sales
  • Drive traffic to your company’s website by asking users to take some action (write a review or join an event)
  • Sign-up treats can lure new customers to your brand and ongoing offers will keep them coming back for more

“Your goal is to attract and grow customer relationships,
earn customer loyalty and activate their advocacy”

Gartner, Customer Experience Primer for 2016

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Cloud based Platform

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