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Count your daily customers

The visitor counting systems are an essential tool for making effective strategic decisions. The most important is that these systems unlike traditional methods, they provide direct measurable results.

visitor counting

Visitor Counting

Installing in your business today a visitors counting system of Data.Noesis, you have in your hands a reliable solution to:

  • Assess the needs of your staff and the efficiency of your existing staff.
  • Understand the market trends by adapting the operations of your store to your customers’ preferences.


Data.Noesis offers a broad list of systems:

  • Laser sensors
  • Wireless counters
  • Thermal cameras
  • IP Cameras

covering all possible circumstances and needs.


  • Compare the number of customers by total sales per store and per hour/day.
  • Evaluate the results of the marketing strategy followed.
  • Verify the hours / days with the largest volume of customers, allocating your staff appropriately.
  • Evaluate the performance of your ad campaign.
  • Assess your staff (attendance, performance), and make the necessary planning time, qualitative and quantitative.

Each system is designed according to the latest technology in terms of gathering, processing and analysis.In addition, all Data.Noesis systems can easily be modified and upgraded, thus maintaining the value of your investment.

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